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June plays host to Father’s Day every year. But June is also known as Men’s Health Month, which is a time to bring awareness to the importance of routine doctor appointments for all men. After all, men are less likely to get regular checkups with their medical doctor as well as their dentist in Sparks. These preventive appointments can catch potential problems early, before any symptoms even appear, and when treatment is often easier and more successful. 

Protect & Prevent

Your dentist in Sparks recommends that everyone has a preventive dentistry checkup at least twice a year. And for a good reason. These appointments help your dental team keep a close eye on oral health, detect any changes, and remove tough plaque buildup that can’t be removed at home. When caught early, many oral health problems can be treated easily and before they have a chance to put the rest of the body at risk.

But, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, men are less likely to see their dentist regularly and rather only visit when they’re already having signs of a problem, which can be too late for some situations. Since many men forgo preventive dental appointments, they’re often at more risk for oral health problems.

3 Oral Health Problems That Are More Common In Men 

While men are at more risk for several minor dental problems such as cavities, there are also some serious conditions that tend to affect men more than women. 

Even though everyone should visit the dentist regularly, men often need a bit of nudge to do so. But the benefits of bi-annual dental visits are immeasurable, so commit to seeing your dentist (and your medical provider!) regularly for routine checkups to protect your body before you experience a problem.