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Sparks Dental Services

Making Family Dentistry Affordable

Visiting the dentist regularly is critical to keeping your mouth healthy, as we can detect any issues and provide treatment quickly and effectively. We make quality, gentle dental care accessible and affordable for our community. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what you want from your smile and combine that with what you need to achieve optimal oral health. We go the extra mile to help you understand each treatment option, so you can always make an informed decision.

A Coordinated Cycle of Care

All of our dental services focus on the balance between your oral health and your overall health. Whether you’re having a cosmetic treatment or a cleaning, you can rest assured that your smile is improving.

Our Sparks office offers:

Each one of these services is individually important to help complete the cycle of oral health care for maximized, ongoing effectiveness. Restorative treatment can get your teeth feeling and looking great all over again. General dentistry offers regular care to ensure a lifetime of oral health. Cosmetic dentistry goes a step further, creating the smile you deserve and always dreamed of having.

Uncover the smile you deserve, with treatments that enhance and services that protect. Our team will be happy to work with you and your budget.

We provide complete dentistry to patients throughout Sparks, Reno, and Spanish Springs — in one centralized, convenient location. Come discover exactly what Pyramid Family Dental can do for you!

Ready for your ultimate smile? Discover our many dental services today!